Smart Homes

Luxury Home Automation. Made Simple.

With a single tap, fully control everything in your home – from lighting, audio-visual distribution and media systems, heating, curtains and blinds, to access and security systems, and more. Enhance your lifestyle with leading home automation technology integrated and controlled from your touch screens, tablets or smartphones. Make your life easier and optimise energy efficiency of your home technology. Access and manage your system via the Internet from any place in the world.

From beautifully designed, intuitive and easy to use touch screens, control your environment with the tap of a button, set the perfect lighting scene, lower your shades and play your favourite music.









Smart Lighting

Set The Perfect Scene.

Automate your lights for comfort, energy efficiency and ultimate control. Choose one of the pre-set light scenes to match your mood or the occasion with a single tap. 

Here at Phaseliner we have component level knowledge of LED drivers and LED engines on the market today. We work closely with several luminaire manufacturers to provide our clients with most advanced solutions in LED offering. We are pleased to be in a position to offer phase dimming solutions with unprecedented 0.1-100% dimming on 120 lm/W LED array engines.

Home Cinema
Media Rooms

Spectacular Audio Visual Experience.

With our vast array of design, services and expertise we aim to provide the very best Home Cinema and Media Room experience in all of London and home counties. We provide the very best design and installation for home cinema. Our solutions include full acoustics room nodal analyses, application of room treatments, with high performance absorption materials and bass traps. We use only high-end Screen Research projection screens, and no compromise RUNCO projectors and lenses. 

Audio & Visual

Listen to your favourite music.

From any source. In any room.

Apart from great functionality and convenience, smart home integration brings a whole new world of entertainment options into your home. The whole house AV systems, also known as multi-room or multi-zone audio visual systems, have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Fully integrated multi-room audio visual systems provide you with the ability to play any music (or watch TV) from any of your sources in any of your rooms. Playing different music in your bedroom than in the dining area, or setting the mood for the party with the touch of a button, became a must have in a modern luxury living. By using your smartphone, iPad or a dedicated touch screen panels, you can have complete control over audio and video distribution, you can select any desired source such as Sonos, SkyHD, BluRay, Netflix, Kaleidascope, any of your playlists, radio etc. Our engineers will work with you to plan and create completely bespoke multi-room AV system that will give you full control over audio visual distribution throughout your home. Our technicians will discretely position your speakers, sub-woofers, amplifiers, servers, TVs and the rest of your home technology, taking care of reduced cabling and low power consumption.

Climate Control

Set the perfect temperature.

Wherever you happen to be.

Phaseliner Home Automation offers precise, total climate control for any home, providing the ultimate benefits in comfortable living and energy conservation. You can now conveniently and easily manage and monitor all your HVAC systems with the help of wireless thermostats, keypads and control apps for smartphones or tablets. 

As a part of a complete control and energy management system, our sophisticated wireless thermostats and remote sensors allow mobile, remote, at-a-touch, automated temperature management that can help to lower utility costs and maximize energy efficiency throughout your home. We have successfully created Crestron modules for integration with TREND HVAC system and LonWorks based components. This allows users to control their environment to full extent, where various systems (air-con, UFH, space conditioning) work seamlessly together. Alternatively complex climate control algorithms are employed to condition the space state equation.

Curtains, Blinds & Shades

Automated Window Treatments

With Phaseliner Automated Windows, Curtains and Blinds, your window control becomes elegance in motion, smoothly, precisely, slowly and silently transforming any room in your house into a spectacular space. With one touch of a button you can now control your shades with ease, open your blinds in the morning or shut them down before leaving your house. We can create custom one-touch lifestyle scenes integrating your lights, thermostats, your music and more.

We provide automated solutions for everything from roller shades and drapery tracks to Roman shades, Venetian blinds, cellular shades and more. And while the final results are sure to amaze and delight, the technology behind it all is surprisingly simple. Using discreet installation options, ultra-quiet motors and a selection of designer fabrics, colours and transparencies, including sheer, dim-out and full blackout, we ensure you find the perfect shading solution for any room, any occasion or any time of the day.

We also have experience in automation of large glass doors and surfaces, such a swimming pool doors, integrating them to safety systems with override facilities.

Security & CCTV

Ultimate Peace Of Mind.

Centralized security systems are most efficient way of protecting your property. Extrapolating status, occupancy and access information out of the security systems is speciality not many automaton companies can be proud of. Even when security system is not armed, the information it contains is being fed back to client’s controllers and touch screens. This way the client can find out at any point in time if a door or window has been left open, or if the perimeter windows are all intact.

We have completed number of project with state of the art invisible perimeter induction loop, giving our clients peace of mind and intruder monitoring of unprecedented reliability.

Energy Management

Energy Saving Done Right

One of the great benefits of a smart home system is the energy saving capabilities it brings along, saving you money. Fully integrated home, equipped with home electronics that are aware of the occupants, with a smart thermostats and lighting control systems, can save up to 30% on your annual electricity bill. 

Phaseliner Home Automation offer you the smartest tools with the most exquisite integrations that influence exceptional energy management when you are at home and when away.

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